Kyle McNary's bio of Double Duty on Tape! (MP3 actually)
Complete with actual audio clips of Double Duty
and many players he played with and against during
his 36-year career! The CD booklet contains photos
and an extensive index of Double Duty's achievements!
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This audio book contains stories by Double Duty and many of his teammates and opponents whom I interviewed over the years. As Double Duty said himself,
“Someday you will be old like me, and you will be sitting around telling stories about your life. If you want your stories to be good ones, that people will want to listen to, then you've got to make your life a good one first."

Double Duty made his life a great one!

Kyle McNary: Double Duty Radcliffe: 36 Years of Pitching & Catching in Negro Leagues Baseball
Kyle McNary: 1935 Negro League East-West Game





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Sample Clip 1--Legendary third baseman Bobby Robinson, and Double Duty Radcliffe talk about growing up with Satchel Paige in Mobile, Alabama

Sample Clip 2--Star semipro third baseman Joe Desiderato talks about playing with the integrated Bismarck semipro team with Double Duty and Satchel Paige

Sample Clip 3--Semipro stars Tommy Demark and Dick Hosinski talk about playing with Double Duty on the integrated South Bend Studebaker factory team in 1948.