"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to radio station WINN. It's a bright, sunny day and it's time for BASEBALL featuring the greatest Negro League players in history!"

The bad news is that genuine radio broadcasts like this do not exist. Negro League games were almost never broadcast on TV or radio. But, we think we can offer you the next best thing!

We have meticulously researched some of the greatest games ever played and recreated them, batter for batter, to give you the chance to feel what Negro League baseball was all about. You'll hear some of the World's greatest Negro Leaguers making diving catches, stealing bases, blasting homers, throwing heat and making history!

Pop one of these CDs into your radio or car stereo and take a wonderful trip back in time!



Our first Radio Broadcast is of the 1935 East-West All-Star Game featuring Hall of Famers Oscar Charleston, Martin Dihigo, Willie Wells, Turkey Stearnes, Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Ray Dandridge, Leon Day and Cool Papa Bell, as well as stars Luis Tiant, Slim Jones, Jud Wilson, Alejandro Oms, Raymond Brown, Jimmie Crutchfield, Sammy T. Hughes, George Giles and Mule Suttles. The game is announced by veteran actor Tony Pappenfus.

This was one of the greatest games in Negro League history,
and you won't believe how it ends!!!

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The 1935 East-West Game is a two CD set!

CD Reviews:

"I loved the CD. Man, you have a heck of an imagination.... I especially liked the little side bar comments. That really added character to the whole recreation from a total baseball perspective. I have a set of Negro League Baseball cards and those players really came to life. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!" --Dale

"I listened to it and really got into it. It was as if I really was hearing the game. Those involved did a great job." --C. Lopez

"Man, you cats really did a great job. I felt as if I was listening to the game on the radio, and if I closed my eyes, I was there. Great Work!" --D. Curry

"This is so exciting, man! I can close my eyes and see it all happening! This is great, Kyle. Excellent work!" --E. Burns

"Received the rebroadcast of the '35 East West game. Great job!" --G. Lester

"Terrific!" --Dave Kaplan, Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center


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Here are some other games that are in production, and will soon be available:

Coming Soon!

1937 Dominican Republic Championship: Ciudad Trujillo vs. Aguilas Cibaenas.

Rafael Trujillo was a brutal dictator who overthrew the Dominican government in 1930, and stayed in power until he was assassinated in 1961. During his reign of terror, Trujillo amassed tremendous wealth by stealing from his countrymen, and he ordered thousand of black Haitians killed.

In 1937, Trujillo's popularity among his constituents was ebbing, so he thought that winning the Dominican Republic's baseball championship might make him more popular. He sent a representative to the United States with a suitcase of money to get the necessary players to win the championship. The representative approached Satchel Paige and said, "Here's some money. Take whatever you want, and buy the services of whatever other players you need to win."

Paige brought a few of his Negro League cronies to the island, but didn't realize until after they lost a few games how serious this baseball was! Paige then contacted Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell and others to bolster the lineup and the Ciudad Trujillo Dragons (Trujillo had changed the name of Santa Domingo to "the city of Trujillo) began to win. Trujillo's soldiers surrounded the field for every game, and the team was told, in no uncertain terms, that they better win...or else!

The Dragons made it to the championship game against a team featuring Martin Dihigo, Chet Brewer, Dave "Showboat" Thomas and Clarence Palm. This game will go down in history as one of the greatest and most pressure-filled contest in baseball history!


Coming Soon!

1934 Integrated North Dakota Stars versus Jimmie Foxx's All-Stars

The early days of baseball seemed a much simpler time, where fans would follow their favorite team or player by attending local games, checking box scores, and most of all listening to the games on the radio. Today's information age allows fans to follow baseball, on TV, the Internet, and even on their phones. Baseball has evolved to utilize this concept by allowing mobile phone advertising during broadcasts and teams themselves have taken advantage of all the mobile marketing possibilities. Teams, players and vendors now can create qr codes allowing fans to be virtually connected to all aspects of the game. These broadcasts highlight the best of the Negro Leagues and one of the classic mediums of following the game as a fan.

During the depression, some of the greatest Negro Leaguers in the world played for integrated semipro teams in the Midwest. In 1934, North Dakota put together an all-star team made up of the best players from teams in Bismarck, Jamestown and Valley City. Jimmie Foxx and fellow stars Heinie Manush, Pinky Higgins and Ted Lyons would never look at semipro baseball the same way again!



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National Semipro Championship Game, 1935
This tournament was started in '35 and continues today--it's now called the National Baseball Congress Championship. In this inaugural year, Bismarck's integrated squad battles the Halliburton Cementers of Duncan, Oklahoma. The Cementers were backed by a million dollar factory, and featured Major League and Minor League veterans.

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1945 Negro League World Series
One of the classics in Negro League history. The Monarchs were loaded with established stars, and the Eagles were young and hungry!

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1933, Barney Brown versus Satchel Paige
Barney Brown, the Warren Spahn of the Negro Leagues, matches Paige pitch for pitch, and you won't believe how this game ends!

Coming Soon!

1933, Satchel versus Willie Foster
The greatest right-handed pitcher in the world versus the greatest left-hander in a battle for North Dakota bragging rights! They're still talking about this game!

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Denver Post Tournament, 1934
The bearded House of David team hired Satchel Paige to pitch, and he ended up facing his old teammates, the Kansas City Monarchs, in the finals. The Monarchs countered with Chet Brewer, one of the greatest pitchers in Negro League history!